It takes a TEAM to build a Project Buck Wild Bronco like this.  We at Undaunted Apparel couldn’t do it without them all.  Thank you to our VETS, without you none of this would be possible.  We are ever so greatful to you all.

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts

Welcome to Advanced Fiberglass Concepts. We are in the coveted spot filling the void in providing the gold standard in designing and manufacturing fiberglass aftermarket automotive parts from those who have been before us. All of our molds are made in house from only the best designers in the industry.

Icon Vehicle Dynamics

ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer specializing in aftermarket suspension components for trucks, SUV’s and off road suspension development. The company’s business is customer-driven, technology-influenced, engineering-oriented and focuses on world-class manufacturing processes and techniques. Led by head engineer and SCORE champion driver Dylan Evans, ICON Vehicle Dynamics has the unique qualities to design and build the highest quality suspension components and test them in both real world applications as well as race conditions.

Method Race Wheels

Method Race Wheels designs, develops and distributes high performance wheels and accessories for race and street applications. These products represent our commitment to quality, driven by the high standards of performance. As racing enthusiasts and participants, we are driven to look beyond conventional ideas of industry standards. Engineering, rigorous testing, data collection and proven performance redefines what is possible in the creation of our wheels and accessories. The application of our race knowledge separates us from other wheel companies.

Rockslide Engineering

Rockslide Engineering. Rock Slide Engineering was born in 2004 in a garage in Logan, Utah. With a history of off-roading in its pedigree, RSE has been tested in Utah’s backcountry from the beginning of its inception. Growing from a single bumper, RSE now is the leader in off-road products functionality and quality. Today’s RSE is driven by perfection. We pay meticulous attention to every last detail in our product line. Each RSE innovation is aimed at making your off-road experience better to any other. All of RSE’s products are designed and manufactured at our Logan, UT headquarters. We use state of the art manufacturing technologies and qualified engineers. We are always here to help. If you need assistance please contact us at our office.

KC Hilites – We are a family-owned business made of people who care about creating unforgettable experiences that empower the spirit to Adventure Further®. Our mission is to illuminate life’s adventures by creating unique premium products while leaving a lasting impression and positive impact on the generations of people and communities we touch. Richly diverse in our beliefs and perspectives, we are always united by our cause to Defy Limits and Adventure Further®. At the heart of KC is a family of adventurers who are willing to see beyond today’s limits and take ownership of tomorrow’s possibilities. We believe that limits are created by our beliefs and if we shift our beliefs then any result we seek is possible. Today, KC is a legendary story and continues to be an example of what is possible when we choose the paths less traveled.

KC Hilites

4WheelParts – We are your truck, Jeep & UTV accessory experts. We have everything you need to build your dream truck, Jeep, UTV, 4×4 or SUV. Let 4WP Do Your Rig Right! For 60 years, 4 Wheel Parts has proudly served the needs of off-road and 4×4 enthusiasts. Our ASE Certified technicians install everything we sell and are here to help you create the perfect truck or Jeep for your needs – whether it is a daily driver with moderate upgrades or a trail-ready rock crawler. Come in today and see what “Life is Better Off-Road” truly means.

Toyo Tires from Discount Tire

Discount Tire first opened its doors in 1960, when Bruce T. Halle rented an old plumbing supply building on Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bruce cleaned out the building, built countertops, repainted the sign outside, and displayed his initial six-tire inventory. As the store’s only employee upon its opening, Bruce served as the tire technician, cleaning crew, salesman, and accountant. Because he didn’t have an air compressor, Bruce would even haul a portable air tank to and from a nearby gas station so that he could inflate the tires he sold. Over time, Bruce nurtured that first Discount Tire store through hard work and a governing philosophy that now serves as Discount Tire’s founding principles: treat people with respect and fairness, care for those in need, always do what is right, work hard, be responsible, and have fun. By the end of the decade, our company grew to six stores and established a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

Toyo Tires
4 the Truck

For the Truck – Customs & Accessories

4 The Truck is the leader when it comes to your pickup truck, Jeep, SUV, or work vehicle accessories, parts, performance, suspension lifts, wheels, tires, and more in the Las Vegas Valley. We have been serving the residents of Southern Nevada and surrounding areas with quality parts, expert installation, and exceptional service for 15+ years.  Our team has 25+ years in the business bringing value and expertise to our community. We stand behind everything we sell and install.

Desert Does It is a small company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our goal is to provide new and practical products for the enthusiast community—products that we ourselves use and will last a lifetime. Our products are born out of necessity for the outdoorsman as well as the daily commuter. If you’re looking for comfort or quick access organization for your truck, Desert Does It has you covered.

Desert Does It
Katzkin Leather

Katzkin Leather. It starts in 1983, when our founder, Mitch Katz, recognized a real need. At that time, the only way a new car buyer could get a leather interior was through their dealer. The choices were few and the cost was high, forcing buyers to settle for cloth. Seeing an opportunity, Mitch, together with his sister Lesley, established a leather goods manufacturing company, called Katzkin (Mitch and Lesley are “kin”, so Katz + kin became our name).

Red Dog Tools

Red Dog Tools – We all worry about having the right tools on the trail, especially when things go wrong. In response to your concerns, Red Dog Tools™ has created custom tool kits for the most popular 4x4s. Whatever you drive, we’ve got a professional-grade tool kit just for you.

Red Dog Tools
Urban Medical Gear

Urban Medical Gear – Urban Medical Gear is dedicated to providing quality medical kits and components to those of varying skill and training levels. Urban Medical Gear LLC. is a veteran-owned small business based in Knoxville, TN with roots in the Pacific Northwest. Established in Jan. of 2018, UMG (Urban Medical Gear) began providing quality trauma kits and components housed in various packaging configurations.

Aftermarket HQ – Great service with a great price! With over 35 years in the automotive industry, from off-road to drag racing, we have done it all. Our very educated and knowledgeable staff is willing to help and answer any and all questions. We offer many vendor service options. It’s the convenient way to keep your vehicle up to date with the latest technologies and newest products.

Aftermarket HQ

In the shadow of the Rocky Mountain foothills in 1954, Tom Bradley started Bestop in a small upholstery shop in Boulder, Colorado. He envisioned a Jeep top that could easily open up to let in the pine-scented air and warm sun, making his drives even more enjoyable. So, he set to work with some canvas and a sewing machine. The idea of a soft top soon caught on, appealing to any Jeep owner hungry for driving adventure.

A short time later, working out of an old brick schoolhouse with seven employees, Bestop quickly earned a reputation for fit, function, and quality. In the decades to follow, Bestop continued to grow and its canvas soft tops were distributed throughout the United States, and even north across the border and overseas.

Today, more than 67 years later, Bestop is the leading manufacturer of premium soft tops for Jeep Wranglers and CJs in the world, and has been the exclusive provider of OE soft tops for Jeep Wranglers for more than three decades running.