Buck Wild Fire Box



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Weight 768 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 3 in

Go Buck Wild – Live the Freedom!


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Made in the USA by Undaunted Apparel

The U.S. Steel Fire Box is the best there is when it comes to a controlled fire pit.  It is safe and easily stored, and when stored it takes up less than one inch of space off of a flat surface.  It comes apart into 4 separate pieces as the 4 sides of the box.  If you get a lid and or a bottom it is 5-6 pieces.  When assembled it is 14″x14″x12″ in size.  The 4 sides go together like a jigsaw puzzle and clip together as a square.

MATERIAL – 3/16″ laser cut STEEL for strength, durability and safety. Built in handles for easy handling and carrying. Not only is our fire box the best there is for a controlled fire pit, it is a bar-b-q with a perfect flat surface on the lid to cook on.

SAFETY – Our box is 12″ tall to keep the fire controlled.  U.S. Steel Box and Cart Co. recommends you check your local fire restrictions in your area before you start a fire.  Your local fire restrictions will be posted online with the Forest Service or BLM. This box is made of steel and gets hot, always use gloves when handling before and after your fire. Always completely extinguish your fire with water or dirt before you take apart the fire box.

BASE – The base is included to protect the surface you decide to put your fire on.  It is 3/16″ thick steel.

LID/TOP – The lid or top is included to help keep the embers down and inside of the controlled box.

CANVAS BAG – This 6 piece fire box kit comes inside of heavy duty canvas bag also made in the U.S.A.  It will keep the pieces stowed away for safe stowage, cleanliness and organization.

There is no better way to have a safe fire pit, cook some food, have a very cool environment for warmth than with the U.S. Steel Fire Box.  The ambient heat that comes off of the fire pit for warmth is next to none.  Get rid of those trash barrels, washing machine drums and bulky nonsense fire pits.  This fire pit will last you a lifetime and it is all in one.

Corey and James Trimmer are a father son duo that had a dream, to share their buck wild lifestyle and undaunted attitude with everyone. In 2022 the pair left King of the Hammers, the first major off-road race show of the year, filled with adrenaline after having such a fun time. The goal was to put together a marketing plan to raise awareness and help the communities around them. They decided that together they would build a custom Bronco! A team was formed and with the help of friends, family, and sponsors the Buckwild Campaign was born.


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